As a Florida Bartending Course Certified Graduate you will work closely with our Orlando Event Company to get a private party or a Special Event.

After completing Florida Bartending Course LLC Course, we will also scan & send a copy of your Certificate & Work History to over 250 local Bar Managers.Bar Operations & License. 
standing of the Bar Operations & License.

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This course got me a job within 2 weeks! 06/10/2019

I had no experience whatsoever, and always wanted to learn bartending, but didn't want to pay a lot of money or go for a week or month even. I found this program and I'm glad I did! Not only did this course teach me the core basics and "need to know's", I also learned how to have the right attitude to outshine the competition. Mike was my instructor, and his great personality helped me land my first job and keep my customers coming back and tipping big! Thanks Mike for starting me off with a new skill and career!.


On Mon, August 2018 at 9:01 PM, Geneva Chandler wrote:

Now I have my dream job as a Hotel Pool Bartender at the Westin Hotel on Universal BLVD!

Please use me as a testimonial Mike & if people want to come in and talk to me I will tell them what a great course you have ! My hours are 11am-7pm

Thanks Mike!
Geneva Chandler


 D.J. Shade Chylde wrote:

Mike has a way of really condensing information, practical advice, and flair into his curriculum. I have years in the service industry, and he still managed to wow me with his extensive knowledge of the business, and the application OF that knowledge.

I would recommend this course to ANYONE, whether they are aspiring to begin their career in tending bar, or are simply "old hands" looking to refresh their knowledge. This course was worth so much more than I paid, and the follow-through and follow-up through Mike has been STELLAR!

~James "D.J. Shade Chylde" Thomas III~

John Salzano

I took the course last weekend!

Highly recommended! I just finished the course and looked over the materials and instruction (via notes and the manual) right before this review. After reflecting on it, I feel compelled to write that anyone who is interested in learning about how to bartend in Florida take this course at the next possible opportunity they can. Here's why:1. The course is compressed into the core information you will need to be professional. This includes safety, industry knowledge, and of course drink preparation.

Instead of having everyone memorize what comprises a Hot Tub, the instructor (Mike P) makes sure you know the BASICS so you CAN make a Hot Tub: correct pouring techniques, quantities, and presentation. And if you want to actually make a Hot Tub, there is a two sided laminated drink card that tells you how to do so. This speaks to the materials the course provides--a comprehensive manual, a laminated drink page, and a certification of completion that lets an employer know you have completed a course that is recognized with the PBSA. This, plus all the different tools, glasses, and aids to make the drink (including the use of a muddler!) are demonstrated and used throughout the course.2. The instructor, Mike P. He informs the class he has over 22 years of experience, and it shows. He knows the trends and business models of the various ways you can be a bartender, from nightclub to hotel, and everything in between.

His presentation style is excellent: he speaks with a perfect volume and confidently so you understand what is told to you. He answers questions immediately. He encourages everyone in the class, and he is patient when there is confusion. He also has a quick wit to his style, and that is amazing considering the focus of the class and the two days he has to get through it all. He gives his contact info out, and he truly cares about the success of his graduates (case in point: He shared emails with the class of employers looking for recent grads! Clearly he is recognized as an effective teacher or he would not be contacted by them).

Mike, alone, makes the course worth it. The structure of the course seals it.3. Perfect amount to learn. By learning the basics (thoroughly presented) and the safety instruction, you become an valuable asset to an employer. You are not an insurance liability, and you prove you can be taught the business by successfully completing the class. Most companies have a training program (and house rore) everything else will be learned. Your competence is what is developed in the class. In closing I want to say that I wasn't sure if I was goinules) they will provide. As long as you are taught the industry, and how to properly make drinks (from correctly pouring a beer to garnishes and mg to get the value I was looking for because of the low price point for the class. Why would this class be so much less expensive than the other ones? What would I be missing out on? Is this something that would be a waste of time and money because it would be ineffective and not get me where I want to be, which is behind a bar? But I decided to do the class anyway, and I am so grateful I put my concerns aside. The class has everything you need and more. Now I do not understand why anyone would WANT to do the other courses, frankly. The low price point makes this course a steal. I highly recommend it, and you can contact me anytime for further details.

“ I took the Florida Bartending Course in  June and started working at a local bar off Golden Rod, It was a good start and this course made me feel confident enough.

Mike taught us how to pour & I felt like I was doing it for years. Now I worked my way into a super Bartending Job at Twin Peaks on I Drive and totally recomend this course to everyone.

With this course I learned about the bar business & what managers expect from their Bartenders.!”

Braygon B.

Twin Peaks Orlando

Bartending Jobs in Orlando! 

Adam Byrne

I Completed Course - Great Choice!  Great Fun! This is the bar tending course you want! I've looked at them all and knew as soon as I got there I made the right decision! Having a good time makes learning stick! If you want to have practical hands-on-knowledge, get a pour test, ServSafe Liability training, certify and gain confidence behind a bar... THIS IS WHERE YOU GET IT! The atmosphere was great, you meet a lot of people and Mike knows his stuff inside and out! Time flies because there is a lot to do and you are active! Get certified with one of the best teachers in Orlando!If you already tended bar, get a refresher here!

Thanks Mike!