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Thanks Mike,

So you did post a  picture here of me mixing drinks!


Claas was fantastic I had so much fun and learned so much and I liked how you taught the important stuff!

Dan Powers

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Florida Bartender Requirements:

Florida Bartending Course LLC

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Next 2 Day Bartending Certification Course: Saturday November 15th &16th 11am-5pm @ Central Park 9101 Lee Vista Blvd, Vista Lakes Orlando Florida Orlando FL32829

Florida Bartending Course LLC is registered & located in Vista Lakes Orlando Florida.

We are the only bar school in Central Florida that is Part of PBSA™ 

“Nation’s Largest Chain of Licensed Bartending Schools Since 1978”. FAQ

With Florida Bartending Course LLC.. Here YOU are not just a number!

You'll learn
how to do the job right & learn how to land a bartending job. 

In a small class setting you'll learn.. all the important things about pro bartending like; how to muddle, shake, stir, and blend cocktails with style & finesse! 

You'll learn.. about infused alcohol, mixes, tricks of the trade & all the latest bar trends! 

By a real professional you'll Learn... Rocks, Layered, Highball Drinks, Frozen & Specialty Drinks.

How to Build Drinks Professionally "Not Just Memorizing endless & meaningless drink recipes like other longer & more expensive programs. That is the Difference!

Florida Bartending Course LLC  is the Nuts & Bolts of the Bartending Programs! 

This Course hits hard on all the important points of what it takes to be a really good bartender such as; Good Customer Service, Bar Etiquette, Proper technique along with the Understanding of the Bar Operations.

This is in fact a specialty class that features small class sizes & instructed by a master bartender with more than 25 years of experience with a Bartender's Training Manual that is full color & up-dated monthly.

Florida Resident Mike Peruce has personally taught & trained thousands of bartenders and currently performs professional bar consulting right here in Orlando Florida on a regular basis. Mike will be your instructor & Program Director.

 (407) 951-2060.
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