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Hello Sir,
I attended your April bar-tending  class. First, the instructor was excellent! He was very informative, polite, and quite entertaining. I believe I learned the necessary foundations to become a great bartender. I plan to continue to recommend your course. I have always admired and regarded bartenders as the ultimate customer service providers. Customer service/satisfaction is what I consider to be of utmost importance in a job!
With that said, I am ready to put in the time and effort that comes with learning the profession. I would very much like any leads, and general advice, you are able to share with me. Thank you very much in advance!
Kind regards,
William P.
Florida Bartending Course LLC  Vista Lakes Orlando FL 32829

Florida Bartending Course LLC

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Florida Bartending Course LLC is registered & physically located in Vista Lakes Orlando Florida.

We are the only bar school in Central Florida that is Part of PBSA™ 
“Nation’s Largest Chain of Licensed Bartending Schools Since 1978”. FAQ 

With Florida Bartending Course LLC.. YOU are not just a # number!

You'll learn
how to do the job right & learn how to land a bartending job. 


In a small class setting you'll learn.. all the important things about pro bartending like; how to muddle, shake, stir, and blend cocktails with style & finesse! 

You'll learn.. about infused alcohol, mixes, tricks of the trade & all the latest bar trends! 

By a real professional you'll Learn... Rocks, Layered, Highball Drinks, Frozen & Specialty Drinks.

How to Build Drinks Professionally "Not Just Memorizing endless & meaningless drink recipes like other longer & more expensive programs. That is the Difference!

Florida Bartending Course LLC  is the Nuts & Bolts of the Bartending Programs! 

This Course hits hard on all the important points of what it takes to be a really good bartender such as; Good Customer Service, Bar Etiquette, Proper technique along with the Understanding of the Bar Operations.

This is in fact a specialty class that features small class sizes & instructed by a master bartender with more than 25 years of experience with a Bartender's Training Manual that is full color & up-dated monthly.

Florida Resident Mike Perusse has personally taught & trained thousands of bartenders and currently performs professional bar consulting right here in Orlando Florida on a regular basis. Mike will be your instructor & Program Director.

 (407) 951-2060.

Bartender Certification Program

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*Bartender's Manual

*Liquor Liability Training

*Individualized Job Counseling

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